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Nuzzo & Roberts publishes quarterly newsletters with analysis of recent superior and appellate court case law relevant to the interests of our clients. The newsletters include case details as well as editorial comment, and keep our clients abreast of important changes and developments in Connecticut law.

We currently publish the following newsletters:

General Newsletter
Professional Liability Newsletter
Workers' Compensation Newsletter
Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

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These newsletters are designed to provide general information prepared by professionals regarding the subject matter covered. The information contained therein is not and should not be interpreted as legal opinions or legal advice. The discussions of each of the cases, issues and other statures are merely summaries and do not purport to be a full analysis thereof. Moreover, the information may not be completely up to date, as new cases may have been decided and statutes amended since the publication of the newsletters. These newsletters should not be utilized as a substitute for professional service, as the applicability of the law may vary for each factual scenario. Contact us if legal advice is required.

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